I’ve been writing (and being awkward) for a long time.

Unless I’m hiking, I’d rather be hiking right now. But my next favorite thing to do is tell a story. Or share an observation. Or reach out to the void to say, “I’m still here. Are you still here? How are you making it?”

With social media platforms going tits up, getting ruined by billionaires, or creeping around in the depths of our personal data, I’m returning to my first internet love–blogging. Nothing transactional is happening here. No ads, no paid subscriptions, no data mining. Just us. We’ll see how it goes.

Why so awkward?

Look, if there’s a chance to trip in front of a large crowd, make a joke that generally falls flat but one person REALLY loves, or have a noisy stomach in a dead-silent room, I’m your gal. After a lifetime of these moments, I’ve learned not to take things too seriously and to always know where the exit is.

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