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something I didn’t talk about much at the time

Originally posted on Twitter, August 18, 2020. Copied here for posterity since I deleted all my tweets. Short story, a thread: The house is hot. We have to keep the windows shut due to the fire a few miles away, but we can still hear the helicopters, fire spotters, and air tankers fighting the good…

Cultivating hope

When I get up to pee in the middle of the night, I use my phone to light the way so I don’t stub my toe, yell “fuck,” and wake James and the dog up. I used to check my email or Twitter while sitting there. Just for something to do. Addicted to the algorithm?…

The prologue no one reads

I started blogging in May 2005. This was back when the internet was more text-based/less image- and video-centric, and it seemed every third person was doing it. Mostly mundanity with (few) moments of magnificence or meaning.

The Pukening

The time I went on a four-hour whale watching trip and yarfed into the Pacific. Before we boarded the boat, signs were there that things might not go well.

The road

You’re driving out of California and trailing a storm, the road still wet from the rain that passed ahead of you. The backroads you take to get from your small town to the big interstate are covered in mud, having recently been under water.


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