The prologue no one reads

But the writer feels is necessary for context

I started blogging in May 2005. This was back when the internet was more text-based/less image- and video-centric, and it seemed every third person was doing it. Mostly mundanity with a few moments of magnificence or meaning.

My first post in 2005

Ever have that moment where you know, if you were an observer of yourself, you’d make fun of you? I had one of those moments this morning. I was pulling into the parking garage. Had the windows down and was listening to Born to Run. There was a guy with a briefcase walking down the sidewalk. Appeared to be about my age. We made eye contact as I turned in. He didn’t laugh at me or anything, but it got me thinking. Am I really born to run? Is he?

We were making it up as we went along, with some people turning their blog into money–mostly book deals–and the rest of us bathing in the freedom of expression you have when you’re not trying to meet the needs of a specific market. Demographics, schmemographics, here are some fart jokes and a few political screeds. Do with it what you will.

My almost-daily posts in those early years eventually dwindled, and the last gasp happened January 2021 with post number 1,024. It was my wrap up of 2020, the (first) year of COVID-19. Perhaps there’s no more fitting way for that blog to conclude. I’ve since taken it offline and put it to bed, though you’ll find three favorite posts at the start of this blog (so my homepage isn’t empty).

And here we are

We’re a long way from 2005, and social media has been weaponized. What began as a wonderful resource for people with divergent interests to find their communities has now become an organizing tool for the worst of what we are.

Bots, psyops campaigns, and unrelenting, invasive tracking that’s turned people into nothing more than data points with wallets have made social media less social/more psycho. I’m engaging with it less and less, but that desire to make a connection with the outside world hasn’t gone away. I’d wager it’s even more important to me in 2022 than 2005 because I’m working from home in a town where I only know a handful of people.

“But a blog is one-way communication,” you might say. And that’s mostly true, depending on the level of engagement readers bring to the conversation. If I do this right, the content I post will spark readers to post comments and engage with me and each other. Respectfully. Because mama don’t truck with trolls, bad behavior will be sent to the trash bin.

Now let’s get started.

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