Blogging in the after-time,
which is probably the before-time
of some other bullshit

  • something I didn’t talk about much at the time

    Originally posted on Twitter, August 18, 2020. Copied here for posterity since I deleted all my tweets. Short story, a thread: The house is hot. We have to keep the windows shut due to the fire a few miles away, but we can still hear the helicopters, fire spotters, and air tankers fighting the good…

  • Cultivating hope

    When I get up to pee in the middle of the night, I use my phone to light the way so I don’t stub my toe, yell “fuck,” and wake James and the dog up. I used to check my email or Twitter while sitting there. Just for something to do. Addicted to the algorithm?…

  • The prologue no one reads

    I started blogging in May 2005. This was back when the internet was more text-based/less image- and video-centric, and it seemed every third person was doing it. Mostly mundanity with (few) moments of magnificence or meaning.

  • The Pukening

    The time I went on a four-hour whale watching trip and yarfed into the Pacific. Before we boarded the boat, signs were there that things might not go well.

How a lifetime of awkward moments led to this one

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